Scar Cinematic App Now out for iPad & iPhone!

Our programming crew has cranked out our own comic book viewer app. Our approach has been to create a new kind of comic/manga experience - a Japanican style of reading. We are calling it the Cinematic Comic Viewer. The experience is a full screen, panel per page romp through the story. Scar has been reformatted and redesigned for this experience. Get it from the app store for iPhone here and for iPad here.

If you prefer your digital comics in a traditional format you can check out Scar as an ebook at myebook.com. We have already had over 5,000 views on this book. You can launch the ebook right from here and start reading the straight away. The first 22 pages are free. The full book is on sale right now for $2.99.

Drainspotting, Japan's Artistic Manhole Covers RELEASED!

Remo Camerota has just released a new photo book, Drainspotting. The book chronicles the unique art of Japanese manhole covers.  We have launched the book with Mark Batty Publishing.  It can be purchased here: amazon.com

We have also launched Drainspotting Extras for iPad and iPhone.  This digital photo book contains never seen before images of the manhole covers.  It is a great addition to the book and it’s own unique viewing experience.  Check it out at the app store.

Remo Camerota Directs Big Brother Ad for doubleTwist

Remo and a crew of RAVEN's finest completed the Anime remake of the famous 1984 Apple ad. The task of doing an animated remake was a challenging. Remo concepted and directed every element of the remake from the concept art, to the animation, 3D matte paintings and the music and sound fx direction.

Due to certain constraints the animation was done in flash. This called on Remo to use all of his skills as a live action director to give the spot the look and feel of film with depth, texture and grain.

Although Remo is a seasoned animation director this was our first foray into Anime. We are looking forward to getting a chance to animate one of our own stories.

Check it out at doubleTwist youtube

Louise Ho joins RAVEN !!!

Louise Ho, AKA Naniiebim has joined Raven as the lead comic artist on our new book Origami Moon. She is well known for her offbeat books Mephistos and Shika, Shika.

Lou will be working to help us further develop the Japanican look with Origami Moon. We see in her work the rare ability to express motion and emotion with her pen strokes alone.

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