Babylon Vol. 1 - From the Origami Moon Universe

Babylon, a faithful Yakuza family hit man is going to take the fall for a hit he made which turned out to be a politically bad move for the family. Now the hit is out on him. Insted of blowing him up remotely, the head of the family gives him a chance of survival. Rashid, another killer is sent after Babylon to take him down by dual.

Babylon defeats Rashid, but is left half dead. A clandestine surgical unit patches him together over the course of several months. When they bring him out of his coma, Babylon realizes that he is ronin, a killer without a master.

Fate set him on the path to being a pawn and then a player in a battle between parallel times.


Story Contibutor:
Rafal Gosieniecki
Art Director:
Remo Camerota
Comic Artist:
Lou Ho (B&W) & Rafal Gosieniecki (Color)
Covers and Character Design:
Rafal Gosieniecki
Hisako Emura
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